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No Monthly Fees or Upfront Costs

Most debt settlement companies charge you a couple hundred dollars every month just to retain their services. This only incentivizes them to keep you paying for as long as possible.  

Free Consultation to Discuss Your Situation

When we settle a debt for you, we'll charge 10% of the difference from the initial debt balance and the reduced amount we negotiated. This incentivizes us to get you the lowest possible price.

This is risk-free and there's absolutely no obligation. We'll have a 30-minute call with you to discuss your outstanding debts and a plan of action to get them resolved quickly.

We Only Get Paid if We Deliver Results

Does This Sound Like You?

Given the amount of time required to negotiate outstanding debts with creditors, it's need to make financial sense for us to take on a new client. We only get paid on 10% of the savings we secure for you, so we have to make a minimum cutoff at $5k to move forward.

You've already tried to remove negative inquiries 

You have at least $5K in outstanding debts

This is important to us because it shows that you're willing to take action and you've actually put in effort to resolve credit issues. Our success rate is so high because we have a lot of experience in this industry, and our clients are determined to remove all existing debts. 

You're ready to finally be debt free

We only want to work with people that are serious about becoming debt free. Our process involves us committing a lot of time upfront before we ever get paid, so for us to take on that risk we'll need to know that you're committed to making this happen.

"After getting burned by a credit repair agency for $300, I was skeptical about hiring someone else to help me resolve the $4k in debt I had. But NCR really came through, they delivered on everything they said!"

"I had over $10K in credit card, some of it going back more than 5 years. In just a few months NCR was able to negotiate all of it for just a fraction of what I owed...and the best part, I'm finally out of debt!"

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